Chad and Dave are hilarious, have great conversation, and really make you feel like a part of the show! The concept of this podcast is so original and refreshing, and you'll be inclined to binge every episode.

Has it ALL

I am here for all things Chad and Dave. Equal parts thought provoking and hilarious. These guys are super sharp but totally unpretentious. Great voices, great production, and endlessly engaging. Keep it coming guys!! ✊🏻❤️Love & Rage, Ariel

I have been listening to the Perfect Package Podcast since their first show six months ago. They keep me laughing the whole time. I now pop popcorn and sit back and enjoy on Monday nights. They come up with some great ideas and great packages. I love listening to the live podcasts. It's fun hearing the comments and laughter in the background. My favorite podcast !! Keep up the good work!

Chad and Dave are absolutely hilarious. Their chemistry is palpable, their selections are entertaining (if not always logical), and I enjoy the discussion that ensues with each topic. Looking forward to many more episodes to make me laugh & think!

Great Podcast!!

I'm so happy I stumbled upon this Podcast! I listened to episode 1, went on to episode 2, and by mid-way through...I knew I was subscribing! Chad and Dave have chemistry, they're funny and they have good sound and content!! Tune in, listen and subscribe! You won't be disappointed! 👍🏻👍🏻